Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mengenali personaliti diri

Salam readers!

Nampaknya FH perlu tune semula otak ni kepada mode rajin. Walaupun selama berpuluh tahun ni, FH tak pernah kategori kan diri sebagai manusia rajin. Tapi kali ini kena juga siapkan proposal second draft. Semalam, kami di fakulti ada buat ujian personaliti. Baru FH tahu yang diri ini ialah

Personaliti Dominan: SANGUINE.

Personaliti kedua ialah: CHOLERIC

Kami kena jawab 60 soalan yang seterusnya akan mendedahkan jenis personaliti kita mengikut:

Readers yang nak cuba kenalpasti identiti diri boleh cuba test di sini>>>>

Bagi FH, ciri-ciri Sanguine ni memang 99% diri FH. Lepas tu ada la campur 50% Choleric dalam diri ini. Tak sabar pula nak buat satu lagi test esok dengan kaunselor. Bila dah berusia hampir 30 tahun ni, baru dapat define perangai sendiri. 

p/s: Ilm Arts Festival bakal diadakan pada 22 Oktober ni. Siapa nak tahu apa itu Ilm Arts Festival, boleh google. Dengar cerita ada Nouman Ali Khan datang. Eh, bukan dengar cerita tapi memang cerita sahih lagi benar! FH tahu la sebab FH terlibat belakang tabir. Hehe.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Appreciation from the expert. Such an honour!

Salam Readers,

This is the same post I uploaded to both my FB: Farahanani Amir Hamzah and Instagram: farahanani33

Few weeks ago I received top 10 consolation prize for participating in "Peraduan Ulas Buku ITBM". This time I am at 4th place. It was my 5th year joining this competition and 4th time winning a consolation prize.

Yes. I got top 10 in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Surely winning top 3 will be better, but, can I have the prize for consistency? LOL.
I noticed that all 12 top 3 winners in the past 4 years are all male! Never in my observations any female reviews won top 3 places. I must continue writing reviews till I manage to break that record and win for the girls. (Fighting!)

Big thanks to ITBM for a marvelous literacy journey. I never knew this scientific mind (read: me) can write something and contribute to the literature world in my own way (writing book reviews).

Don't ask me to write anything other than that. I don't know...or maybe not yet. Allah knows better.

p/s: Dont tell them I do write cliche novel of Elhana & Zakuan.
p/s: Thank you to one of you who made me scroll down the posts on ITBM FB till I accidently found this photo.

Love, FH

Monday, August 8, 2016

Letters to Heaven


I screwed up again. But this time you are too far away beyond reach.  They don't get me. You too don't get me but at least you will listen to me and be my team. This time I dont have a team. Do you think I will always be alone in this journey? How crazy I am to ask you such questions. How can you be responsive as our priorities are different now. What matters to me no longer matters to you. You have your own battle now while I am still stranded on earth barely able to breath and think. I often trying to picture what will be your words if you are still around. What will you say to me when I have my insecurities and doubt. I miss you. More like.. I miss you when you were here. Breathing, listening and well functioning. Most of the days I am okay. But sometimes I am not. There is this little space in my heart which I reserve for you since the day you leave me. More and more,  I am accepting the fact that maybe, this is the battle which I need to fight without you. 

Love, FH

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Offline Treatment from Social Media Accounts

Salam readers!

Remember last year when I went on hibernation period from Social Media? Yes actually I managed to do it for a few weeks and actually went on to not contacting certain person for 2 months.

The extensive use of social media has taken certain tolls on me. I mean, why I need validation from strangers through likes and comments on my posts? Seriously. So now, I started again my social media treatment and un-install both FB and Instagram from my phone.

Even though there are so many things I want to update to people who seems to 'care' about me, but this has to be done right at the peak of all my glory. I must do this hibernation period when too many things happening and will happen to me in the upcoming months. So the temptation will be bigger and making me harder to resist.

Well I guess you'll see more posts from me from this medium (blogging). At least, I don't know who you are and it is the time for me to re-think who I am.

Pray for me peeps. Maybe its the aging factor... LOL.

Love, FH